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Larry is a pianist, songwriter, composer and producer who has assembled an accomplished resume in the music business, including twenty years in Nashville as a studio keyboard player and songwriter for Sony Music Publishing. 

His songwriting career blossomed in the early 80’s, when he penned tunes-including a dozen top ten hits-for pop icons Glen Campbell and Frankie Valens as well as Sandi Patty, Michael English, Lulu Roman (Hee-Haw), Terri Gibbs, Avalon, Dallas Holm, Wayne Watson, Mark Lowry, Alicia Williamson, Sheila Walsh, The Gaither Vocal Band, Babbie Mason, Scott Wesley Brown, Truth, Gary McSpadden and others.

Larry and wife/co-writer Lesa both earned gold records for their song “Unto Us (Isaiah 9)” which was featured on Sandi Patty’s Grammy-winning album Another Time, Another Place. The song was performed at the lighting ceremony for NYC’s Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

Larry moved his family to Indiana fifteen years ago, as much an escape from Nashville burnout as a desire to be closer to Lesa's family.  He's since come full circle, back to his roots, composing for piano and recording a new series of independent projects. 

He's also found new avenues for his compositions at Getty Images Music, where his portfolio offers a wide variety of orchestral, piano, cinematic and ambient music.  His tracks have been featured on more than 10,000 YouTube videos, commercials, podcasts, video games and films, most recently for Glamour magazine and Menard's.

Larry's hope is that his music will speak to the quiet places of your soul and--like David's harp--drive from it any darkness, despair or demons lurking there.